1. What does water-permeable mean? 
    It means that Amal nail polishes have a special formula which allows water and oxygen particles to pass through. The difference between traditional nail polishes is in the way the molecules are arranged. Traditionally, the molecules were packed together very tightly leaving no room for any particles on a molecular level to pass through. However, with breathable nail polishes, it is formulated with loosely packed molecules scientifically proving that water and oxygen polishes can pass through the polish and reach your nails. 
  2. How do we know if your polishes are really water-permeable? Our nail polish formula went through rigorous testing. You may find this report from a third-party laboratory proving 95% water-permeability results.
  3. Do you have any tips on water-permeability? Refrain from using more than 2 coats of nail polish. Ensure that each coat you apply is a light and thin layer. When taking your ablution, be sure to rub your nails thoroughly. The longer you wash your hands the more water can pass through, we recommend 30 seconds for each nail to be completely sure.
  4. Is your nail polish formula halal? Yes, our polishes are halal meaning it is made using only halal-certified ingredients. You may view our halal certificate here.