The Nail Parlour first opened its doors on January 2006 in Petaling Jaya’s 1 Utama Shopping Centre to overwhelming response. Now The Nail Parlour is spread across the Klang Valley in 10 stores in major shopping centres with more coming near you.

Never before has any salon offered nail services and treatments in an environment that was not only design driven but also fun and relaxing to be in. Everyone noticed how clean and sanitary the stores were compared to other salons. The Nail Parlour took the concept of your typical neighbourhood nail salon, brought it to a new level and ultimately, turned it into a destination.

More than just the “tools” by which we work and play, our hands and feet are an important form of self-expression and presentation. They are also essential elements of good grooming. In the past, manicures and pedicures have often been viewed as highly indulgent luxuries out of the reach of most people's pockets. We set out to change all that.

We created The Nail Parlour, with one key aim – to deliver the highest quality, most innovative nail care products and services in a convenient, affordable and fun manner.